Sheri Lamoureux, Director - Western CanadaOlymelEmail:

Sheri Lamoureux comes to Friends of We Care with 8 years of Foodservice experience. Prior to working at Olymel, Sheri has held sales positions for 20 years with companies such as L’Oreal and Schering Plough. Sheri joined Olymel in 2010 and has held several positions with the company. She is now Regional Director of Sales for Western Canada. Working closely with many Foodservice partners in Western Canada has given Sheri a broad base networking group to call on.

Sheri has volunteered in many capacities throughout her life, starting as a candy-striper in junior high school, and believes that volunteer work is a critical part of every person’s personal responsibility for service to their community. Sheri has a wonderfully supportive family, husband Bernie and four adult sons, who all share her passion for service.